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Transfer Factor Plus is a medicine that comes in tablet form. It works by supporting the body's immune system and, according to the website, The Way Up, "is excellent for those with recurrent or chronic infections who seek an immune booster." Side effects of Transfer Factor Plus are generally mild, but may be more intense if an individual develops an allergic reaction to the product’s ingredients.


Transfer Factor Plus contains 44 amino acids. These amino acids help transfer critical information to the body’s immune system, allowing it to combat infection more efficiently. Transfer Factor Plus can also be taken to help boost the immune system and limit the impact of external pathogens. According to Netriceuticals, Transfer Factor Plus can also expedite “the recognition phase of a health threat, making the duration of an illness shorter."

Side Effects

According to Netriceuticals, “flu-like symptoms have occurred involving night sweats and fever in those taking Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula." These adverse symptoms are indicative of activity within the immune system. More potent side effects, such as an allergic reaction, may occur if an individual is susceptible to certain allergens within the product.

When to See a Doctor

Side effects like night sweats and fever are not typically dangerous. However, a doctor should be seen if night sweats persist, interrupt sleep or are accompanied by other unexplained symptoms such as weight loss.


Transfer Factor Plus contains maitake and shiitake mushrooms as well as egg yolk and cow colostrums (first milk). These ingredients may act as allergens. People allergic to products like mushrooms, eggs or dairy should speak with their doctors before taking Transfer Factor Plus. According to The Way Up, Transfer Factor Plus is not designed to treat disease and should not be considered a cure.


Follow the dosage instructions listed on the side of the Transfer Factor Plus bottle. Two capsules should be take daily on an empty stomach. According to The Way Up, the amount may need to be increased to six or eight capsules daily spread over two or three dosages for chronic or recurrent infections. A doctor or physician should be consulted before the dosage is increased.

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