Ford Taurus Ignition Problems


The Ford Taurus is one of the most popular mid-size sedans manufactured in the United States. The Taurus rose in popularity due to its spacious seating capacity, comfortable interiors and smooth driving performance. As with any other model of car, the Taurus can have problems starting up from time to time, and this is sometimes a direct result of problems with the car's ignition.


  • Ignition problems normally result in difficulty starting up the engine. Often times, this is evidenced when the engine begins to run only after a few tries at starting it up. Other times, the Taurus will start up, and almost immediately upon doing so, the engine will stop running. In the worst of scenarios, the ignition problems can fail to start the engine altogether.


  • There are various reasons for Taurus ignition problems. One possible cause is a bad ignition module or a poor connection in the electrical system. Another potential cause of the problem is a defective Viper Remote Starter, a start-up system attached to the more recent models of the Taurus (as of 2009). The system may be efficient in promoting automatic start-up, but once it breaks down, it prevents start-up from taking place. Additionally, ignition issues can come as a result of a broken fuel pressure regulator, which blocks the ignition from running.


  • Before engaging in a complex and possibly expensive ignition repair, test to make sure that the battery is working properly. Issues with the battery and alternator generate almost exactly the same symptoms as more complex ignition problems. Try jump starting your battery, and if it is still not working, check the alternator for problems, or have a mechanic look at it to determine whether or not that is the root cause of the problem.


  • Repairs to the Taurus ignition system can range from relatively inexpensive to moderately expensive depending on what the actual problem is. If the problem lies with the Viper Remote Starter, the problem is typically resolved by replacing or removing the system altogether to allow for normal, uninterrupted start-ups. On the other hand, repair may only consist of a simple recharge or replacement of the battery.


  • The most common cause of ignition problems in the Ford Taurus is the dead battery. Take precautions to make sure that the battery is not being unintentionally drained, making sure that you do not leave your lights on when not in use. Have your alternator and battery levels checked during regular maintenance to avoid unexpected problems in the future that can cause a major inconvenience.

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