Prostate Massage Danger


A prostate massage, administered medically or sexually, can have a number of dangers. In addition to being uncomfortable, the massage might cause small tears in your rectum or cause a flare-up of hemorrhoids. Talk to your doctor about the concerns you have regarding this procedure.

Purpose of Prostate Massage

  • Prostate massage is administered as part of the digital rectal examination given to men to screen for prostate cancer. During the exam, the doctor will insert a gloved finger into the rectum. According to the National Institutes of Health, he will examine the prostate for signs of enlargement, as this can be a sign of cancer. Prostate massage can also be used in sexual circumstances, as it is thought to increase male orgasm.

Problems with the Exam

  • The National Institutes of Health points out that the patient may feel mild levels of discomfort during the exam. The doctor may ask you to relax or take a deep breath before the exam, to decrease tension and ease the insertion of his finger.

Dangers of Prostate Massage

  • According to, there are certain risks associated with this procedure. If the doctor does not use an adequate amount of lubrication, the rectal lining can tear. This can cause small amounts of bleeding. Tears are also possible if the person administering the massage has long fingernail, or uses an implement incorrectly.

Prostate Massage and Hemorrhoids

  • also points out that inserting a finger can cause a hemorrhoid flare-up in the area. According to the Mayo Clinic, hemorrhoids are swollen or inflamed veins in your anus or lower rectum.

Talk to Your Doctor

  • If you are concerned about the dangers associated with receiving a prostate exam, talk to your doctor before he administers the exam. He can work with you to ensure the greatest levels of comfort, and will detail precautions that he has taken to prevent discomfort or injury.

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