The Best Mobile Java Games

The Java software allows users to do various activities such as playing games, chatting and viewing pictures in 3D. Java was mainly used on computers but it is now available for mobile phone applications as well. Mobile Java games are available for various mobile phone providers such as AT&T, Alltel, Boost Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and Virgin Mobile. According to the Gameloft website, the following games are the best selling mobile Java games.

  1. GT Racing Motor Academy

    • The game, GT Racing Motor Academy, allows users to enter the world of racing right from their mobile phones. The acronym "GT" stands for grand touring, as in grand touring cars. This game allows users to choose from 12 different automobile manufacturers and they have more than 20 vehicles to select from as well. Users can race on a wide variety of tracks that are available. GT Racing Motor Academy has a realistic feel to it because of the dynamic graphics and weather settings.

    NBA Pro Basketball 2010

    • The NBA Pro Basketball 2010 game offers every NBA team, their players and their stats. It allows users the capability to play a complete 80-game season including playoffs. Users will be able to enjoy new features such as being able to edit their roster and being able to select their favorite strategies. Users can also participate in the 3-Point Shootouts, the All-Star Weekend: Slam Dunk Contests, and much more. This game is full of new animations and sound effects to give it a more realistic effect.

    Real Soccer 2010

    • Real Soccer 2010 features more than 200 teams, eight leagues and the names of almost every real soccer player. It allows users the ability to play the multiplayer mode with friends via Bluetooth. Some other modes that are available are the Enter the Legend mode, the Club Master mode, the RS League, and the Training mode. Users will love the Enter the Legend mode because it lets them create a character, choose a league and get drafted onto a soccer team. Users will find this game appealing because of its graphics and game play options.


    • UNO is a classic card game. Now, users can play against the computer or with friends on a single mobile phone. Users have the opportunity to customize the game by setting their own penalties and rules. Some of the new gaming rules are UNO 7-0 and Jump-In. With UNO 7-0, there is a lot of card swapping involved. If the user plays a 7, he will be allowed to trade his hand with any player of his choice. If the user plays a 0, then everyone's hands are switched clockwise. The Jump-In rule--regardless if it is their turn or not--allows users to play a card if it matches the top card on the pile. One thing that remains the same is that there is never a dull moment when playing UNO.

    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

    • This mobile version of this classic video game will have users virtually traveling the world in search of villainess, Carmen Sandiego. It allows users to travel to 30 different cities while learning various lessons about geography. There are more than 200 witnesses for the users to interrogate. Users can play various puzzle games to unlock gadgets, tools and other mini-games. This game has entertaining graphics that users will be sure to enjoy.

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