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The Lifestyle Lift procedure was developed by Dr. David M. Kent in 2001 and has enjoyed increased popularity since it's creation. The Lifestyle Lift may be popular but it is not without critics. The Lifestyle Lift is a relatively simple and safe procedure that is designed to make the jaw, neck and chin area look younger. The Lifestyle Lift procedure is minimally invasive. However, you need an experienced board certified plastic surgeon with a background in facial plastic surgery to perform this procedure.

Lifestyle Lift Objectives

  • The Lifestyle Lift is classified as a minor plastic surgery procedure that is designed to give you major benefits. The Lifestyle Lift was created specifically to make the chin area more taut, soften frown lines, diminish facial wrinkles and tighten the neck. The Lifestyle Lift procedure combats the signs of facial aging by getting rid of excessive amounts of fat and tightening the muscles on the face and neck.

Lifestyle Lift Claims

  • Plastic surgeons that perform Lifestyle Lift procedures claim that the procedure will reverse the signs of age that are caused by gravity, unprotected and extensive exposure to the sun, and other issues such as stress and pollution. The Lifestyle Lift procedure is supposed to diminish the appearance of folds on the face and remove jowls on the lower part of the face.

The Actual Procedure

  • The Lifestyle Lift is a plastic surgery procedure that is generally performed as an in-office procedure under a local anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision at the hairline by the front of each ear. After the incision is made, the skin is pulled until the facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Extra facial skin is cut away and liposuction may be used to remove fat from the chin and eye area. Sutures are used to collect and tighten muscles. The skin on the neck is then pulled and sutured. Liposuction may also be used on the neck area to remove excess fat.

Who is A Good Candidate?

  • A good candidate for a Lifestyle Lift is a man or woman who has jowls or a droopy chin and neck. As with any elective surgery, patients should be in good health.

    The average age range is early 40's to mid 50's. Men and women with significant wrinkling around the eye area with fat deposits are generally not completely satisfied with claimed Lifestyle Lift results.

Finding a Plastic Surgeon

  • Check out the credentials and board certifications of the proposed surgeon. Plastic surgeons should be board certified in plastic surgery and certified for Lifestyle Lift surgery. Insist on seeing before and after photos of Lifestyle Lift procedures actually performed by the surgeon you are considering.

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