Pros & Cons of Steel Bathtubs


A bathtub can be both functional and attractive. When building or remodeling a home, there are several bathtub materials to choose from. Steel tubs are relatively inexpensive and durable, but color and design choices are limited.


  • Steel bathtubs are extremely cheap to manufacture and install. The only tub materials that come close to steel in terms of cost are fiberglass and acrylic. You can get a steel tub for $200 or less. Fiberglass and acrylic tubs are slightly more expensive at around $250, though they can cost $1,000 or more. This makes steel tubs the best choice if you're looking to save some cash.


  • Steel tubs can look a lot like iron tubs. However, they are significantly lighter than iron, as well as other materials such as granite. This means it does not take as much muscle power to get the tub installed or replaced, which can be an advantage when you're paying workmen by the hour.


  • Steel bathtubs are extremely common, in part because they are easy to manufacture. The tubs are stamped out of steel by machines and then finished with coating materials, so a lot of them can be produced efficiently and cheaply. Because these tubs are commonly made, it's easier to get a replacement tub, as well as repair materials.

Safety and Comfort

  • Steel tubs can be very cold when compared to tubs made from other materials. They also can be slippery.


  • Steel tubs have a limited selection of colors. They can be noisy because they are made of metal. They also cannot be custom fit into an area of a bathroom because of the way they are manufactured; the consumer does not have the benefit of selecting a particular style that is more customized, such as a granite tub that is individually carved.


  • Steel tubs are more durable than other tub types such as granite, which is sensitive to temperature changes. However, steel tubs have a tendency to chip and dent. Even if these issues do not cause problems with functionality, they can make the tub look as if it is in poor condition.

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