Importance of Logos


A logo is a recognized design that people readily identify for a business or institution. Logos often include names and symbols and are designed to be easily recreated and recognized. Many businesses hope to create iconic designs that will stand the test of time, but few are able to do so successfully. This article looks at why logos are so important and how much of an impact a successful logo can have.


  • A logo that looks too rough or amateurish can help a business fail for a variety of reasons. First, the business will look unstable and unprofessional. It can make a business look like a small, inconsequential venture, regardless of how much money is behind the scenes. A business needs clean, memorable, professional-looking marketing materials to succeed, and this starts with the logo.

Customer Identification

  • Logos are effective only if they can be easily identified with the company they represent. McDonald's is the most famous and ubiquitous example of this, as even small children recognize the Golden Arches. While customers might not think of a Swoosh when you say the word Nike or an apple with one bite taken out of it if you mention your iPod, show someone those logos, and they immediately know which company you're referencing.

Words as Logos

  • A logo doesn't always have to be a single image, or even an image at all. For an example of a blended image, one with words and pictures, think of the Starbucks logo. It's a green circle that contains the company name surrounding an image of a woman. Most people don't even know that the woman is a sea siren, nor do they care. The Walmart logo is simply the company name, and most would argue it is unmistakable.

Logo Strength

  • Once a company has its logo designed, implemented and disseminated, it is crucial to protect the strength of that logo. It is easy for a company to want to alter or change a logo to fit different circumstances or clients. This is a bad idea because it weakens the effectiveness of the logo. Customers and clients need to see the same logo over and over again to form a bond to it, and allowing a logo to be changed at will can hinder this.


  • While no logo design is set in stone, it is important for companies to be consistent when it comes to marketing their business. Pepsi, for example, tweaks its logo every few years. Their size and shape of the colors change, but the logo always boils down to a circle with red, white and blue streaks running through it. This consistency has allowed the logo to remain strong, despite Pepsi's continual updating of its look.

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