Cute Haircuts for Medium Brown Hair

The right haircut can be a happy medium between a long style and a shorter one. Medium-length hair offers the ease of care that comes with a short hairstyle, yet also provides options for putting hair up in updos, braids or ponytails in the same way that long hair allows. If you're searching for a new cut for medium-length brown hair, there are several attractive options.

  1. Bob

    • The bob was first popularized by young women in the 1920s. Back then, a woman cutting her hair was seen as a shocking assertion of independence and a rejection of traditional gender roles. Since then, medium-length and short hairstyles have become more common than very long hair. The bob is a sleek mainstay of medium- and shorter-length hair. It can be as short as ear length or as long as chin length, and can include bangs, a center part or a side part.


    • The Wedge came into vogue during the 1970s, made particularly popular by Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill. The hairstyle, with slight variations, has remained in style for short to medium hair ever since. Women who wear the wedge appreciate the volume and lightness that it adds to hair. In a reverse of the layered look, the wedge has longer layers on the surface, with shorter layers cut closer to the head.


    • The stacked haircut is almost the direct opposite of the wedge. Layers near the head are left long, with increasingly shorter layers progressing outward and to the back. The longest layers at the sides of the head are approximately medium length, while the layers at the very back of the head may be extremely short.


    • From the late 1990s to today, women have embraced the layered haircut as a great way to add individuality to their hair. The wide popularity of haircuts such as the bob and the wedge can leave women looking for something different but not too radical. Adding layers can give a haircut a stylishly asymmetrical appearance or another expression of personality.


    • The shag haircut first became common in the 1970s and is still popular today. It's an easy-care hairstyle that adapts well to all lengths The haircut begins with long innermost layers. The layers get progressively shorter as they approach the crown of the head. This gives the hair a shaggy appearance. The shag is suited to any face shape, as well as any hair color from blond to brown. Women with straight hair can add wave to a medium shag with a curling iron for a more tousled look.

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  • Photo Credit Metropolitan Magazine, 1922

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