The Best Wood Burning Tools


Selecting the best wood burning tools is essential to producing a good product. Of course it does matter whether wood burning is just a hobby or if you are trying to produce a product to sell. To choose the best tools you need to consider a few factors.

Wood Burning Defined

  • Pyrography originates from the Greek and translated means fire and writing. Wood burning is the process of engraving an illustration into wood by burning lines onto the surface of the wood. he more time you place the pen on the wood's surface the darker the color and more depth you'll achieve. In yesteryear the same was achieved by using metal that had been heated.

Selection Process

  • Once you decide you'd like to give wood burning a try, you'll want to make certain you purchase the required pyographic tools. One item you will need is a burner. The box the burner comes in will provide you with a temperature range. The best quality burners will provide a temperature dial between 500 to 900 degrees. Individuals who would like to take the hobby to the next level will want a burner that allows him to pick their preferred temperature. his will allow you to be much more artistic and you'll be able to add shading to your project.

Wood Burning Pens

  • Wood burning pens are especially created for lining with regard to softer woods, such as basswood. The higher temperatures will be needed to do an extraordinary job on woods of a harder composition such as oak. With the temperature dial on your burner, you will have better control when working on the surface of various woods. If you are testing the hobby out, it is recommended you purchase at a more economical level as you can always upgrade at a future date.

Hobgby Enthusiasts

  • The number of pens to purchase will be based totally on the amount of time you anticipate spending on your wood burning avocation. Some wood burning tools will only allow for one pen such as certain smaller models. However more expensive models may be designed for a cable on both sides of the box. If you spend a great deal of time with your hobby two pens may be better than one as you will have the flexibility of switching pens should one pen get too hot.


  • The cable that connects the pen to the control unit is dependent on the manufacturer. Generally there is a choice between regular and heavy duty cabling.


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