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Jojoba oil has grown in popularity over the years. It seems to be the natural oil world’s jack-of-all-trades. It has the capability to increase the beauty of your skin by hydrating, smoothing and increasing its clarity. As a bonus it can also moisturize and smooth the shaft of hair follicles. Lately it has also been discussed as a reliable alternate fuel source.

Native Americans and the Jojoba Shrub

Native Americans are the first people credited with discovering the many uses of the jojoba shrub. In times of dire food shortages, they ate the shrub, which was plentiful in the western United States and northwest Mexico. The jojoba shrub acted as an appetite depressant and replenished vital vitamins B and E that the Native Americans were missing in their diets during times of famine.

They also used the shrub medicinally to cure kidney and liver ailments. And of course, the Native Americans used it on their skin and hair for increased hydration and softness.

Jojoba Today

In modern times, jojoba oil is often added to skincare products because it can moisturize without clogging pores. It is also added to many hair care products for a similar reason. Jojoba oil does not add build-up on the scalp, and in fact it helps to rid hair of leftover residue from other products.

However, pure jojoba oil on its own is still used and may be a better option for those with sensitive skin. When added to other products it can lessen its effectiveness and sometime cause an unappealing reaction.

Health Food Stores

Health food stores like Central Market and Whole Foods carry organic and all-natural food products. They also usually have high expectations for how their providers ethically and sustainably produce their particular products. More and more companies are also attempting to make everything all the way down to the packaging environmentally friendly.

The quality of jojoba oil is likely to be higher at health food stores because expectations are so high for their customers. Pure jojoba oil is golden color. If it's not, then it may have been refined several times over or may contain mineral oil or isopropyl alcohol.

Vitamin Stores

Vitamin stores such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe sometimes have a small area in their stores that do not fall into the category of vitamin supplements. You can occasionally find jojoba oil in these miscellaneous sections. It seems logical that the vitamin E- and B-filled jojoba oil would be sold in these small specialty stores.


If the purity of the jojoba oil, a variety of choices, and convenience are all equally important, then the best option is to shop online. Drugstore.com and Healthsuperstore.com are two sites that carry several versions, also ranging in prices.

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