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The Fox reality show hosted by Joan Rivers, "How'd You Get So Rich," spotlights some of the easy ways people are becoming rich off the appeal of some simple products and business ideas. What separates them from you is a willingness to follow the dream to fruition. Not everyone has the patience or attitude to start certain kinds of businesses, but you never know when a successful business idea might make you rich.

Goods Vendor

  • This is sales at its purest level. Not everyone, however, has the temperament to sell goods on the street, in a boutique business cooperative, or operate as a vendor in a shared fee-based market space. This busines, though, can be easy to start because you only need to carry a very small quantity of high-turnover inventory, whether it's food, clothing or artwork.

    Even the street vendor is a businessperson who must make product decisions and determine pricing and distribution. As far as marketing goes, word-of-mouth promotion is often the best way for such a merchant to advertise. For one thing, it's free.


  • Becoming a caterer is as easy as telling people you cater. Small catering establishments can grow into thriving businesses with corporate clients. Like any business, the caterer must weigh the cost of goods, time for preparation and travel to determine the profitability of the enterprise.


  • With a few low-cost raw materials and a bit of packaging, you can start a candlemaking or soap-making business right in your own kitchen. Everything can be purchased at an online candlemaking supply store, even instructions on how to make candles. Packaging is important. Make a variety of candles, give them as gifts to family and friends, then take orders for sales to get started.

Address Painter

  • Ambulances and other emergency vehicles often get to the correct street quickly but are slowed down as they search for a specific house or apartment on that street. You can easily start a business as a painter of house addresses curbside. Check with your local cdepartment of public works to determine whether any laws or regulations exist that would prevent you from painting on sidewalks before promoting your services with door flyers or hangers.

Party Sales Rep

  • As a local representative selling products distributed by businesses such as Avon, Amway or Pampered Chef, it's not so much about door-to-door sales as about "party sales" today. These businesses have provided some people with nice incomes from their association with a recognized name with widespread advertising awareness.

    As a businessperson, your ability to network with attendees at group meetings in order to set up future meetings is key to growth in party sales.

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