Employee Motivation Factors


Within any organization, there are always at least a few employees who need extrinsic motivation. If you want to reach the highest level of productivity, your employees must be sufficiently motivated. High productivity satisfies employees, management and stockholders. Some employees are motivated by the pride they take in their jobs. It can become a little more complex for others. It is management's job to keep employees motivated day in and day out by using the right tools.


If you want to motivate employees, you must create an environment consistent with motivation. Everyone likes working for a company when the atmosphere is charged with enthusiasm, excitement and inspiration. An environment of this sort must start with management. Managers must motivate and encourage employees every opportunity they get. When your employees are sufficiently motivated, rarely is there time for griping and complaining.

Individual Motivation

When it comes to motivation, every employee does not receive inspiration from the same thing. It is the manager’s job to find out which things motivate which employees. The best way to find out is to ask. Have each employee fill out a survey and ask them what motivates them. Some employees are motivated by competition and others are motivated by taking a leadership role.

Monetary Rewards

Many employees are motivated by money. Some employees want the opportunity to make as much money as they possibly can. After an employee hits the goals and objectives of the day, monetary incentives are added when he goes above the status quo. If you can set monetary goals at different levels of accomplishment, it gives the cash seeker constant motivation and helps improve productivity.


Recognition is another way to motivate employees. For the employee that seeks recognition, there is no better way to give it than in front of her peers. Associates want to feel that their contributions are valued and that management, as well as their peers, understand what they bring to the table. If recognition is given, it should be done as often as possible but it must be sincere praise for a job well done.

Competition and Contests

Having contests and games is another way to motivate employees. Certain employees thrive on competition and various contests. That provides them with excitement, inspiration, fun and the opportunity to go head-to-head with other competitive employees.


It’s a good idea to use all forms of motivation with all employees. An employee may find that she is motivated by different factors other than her primary source of motivation. Combining factors such as good wages, job security, opportunities for growth and promotion, and scope of work helps to create a culture conducive to motivation.


Gifts, such as cups, mugs, t-shirts, concert tickets, and tickets to sporting events, have always been good ways to motivate employees. For some, there is nothing like receiving a free gift for hitting the stated goals and objectives.

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