One Piece Card Game Rules


The One Piece card game is a collectible card game based on the pirate anime TV show of the same name. It is a combat-based game slightly similar in style to other trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-GiOh, only it uses its own pirate-based theme. Like many other collectible card games, the rules can be easier to pick up by people who have watched the animated TV show that the game is based on.

Starter Sets

  • A basic starter set for the One Piece game contains 64 cards divided into two decks. It also comes with a full game mat for two players to use at once and a full rule book. Additional cards can be found by purchasing booster packs.

Card Types

  • The cards come in two main groups. Character cards are divided into multiple subgroups of pirates, civilians, and navy. The characters of one subgroup usually tend to work well together. Event cards contain things like special moves and are usually designed to work with a particular character card.

Game Mat

  • The game mat has a complex layout. There is a place to put the card deck as well as all cards discarded during the game. There are three spots on the deck to place character cards along with the cards that represent their lost hit points. There are also spots to place event cards and other cards being used in combat, and the "Bounty Box" is used to place captured characters.

Game Turns/Combat

  • On their turns, players can draw cards, place characters and other cards to aid them in battle and battle their opponents' characters. An attacking player designates one character card and selects an opposing card to attack. The character with the higher attack power loses hit points, which are designated by placing cards face down under the hit character. A character designated as the captain can attack any opposing character at any time, including the opposing captain; however, a crewman character that is directly across from another crewman on the board can't attack the captain until the crewman in front of him is defeated. A character that loses all hit points becomes captured by the opposing player.


  • A player can win the game by forcing the opponent to run out of cards, leaving them unable to draw any. A player who successfully captures the opponent's captain wins the game. A player can also win by capturing six crewmen from the opponent.


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