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Owning a candy store can be a fun way to make a living, but it is a business and you still need to come up with new business ideas to keep your store profitable. However, nothing says that your business ideas cannot be fun and also help to generate additional revenue.

Delivery Service

Take a look at your local competition and determine how many candy stores in your area deliver. Finding a candy store that delivers locally is difficult, and if you can find a way to add a delivery service to your product offering, then you may be able to add revenue to your sales. You can offer local delivery as a free service of your store or add a small amount to each order as a delivery fee. Make sure you establish a delivery radius that makes sense for your business, and you may be able to help yourself by focusing your delivery services. If you offer general-delivery services, you may wind up delivering bags of chocolate-covered peanuts to someone across town. You can either set a minimum order amount as your criteria for delivery, or limit delivery only on special occasions such as Valentine's Day or other holidays where candy is most popular.

Go Retro

One of the retail trends that is helping other businesses make larger revenues is to add a nostalgic feel to their business. You can do the same thing with your candy store. Many candy companies are bringing back candy were popular many years ago, but had been discontinued. Start to offer some of these retro candies and put up advertisements that you are now offering retro candy. You may want to decorate your candy store with decor from the 1940s or 1950s to give people that nostalgic feeling when they enter your store.


A candy store is a place some people go to get away from the world for just a little while. You may want to help perpetuate this feeling of a getaway by offering a fun theme to your candy store. You may want to go traditional with ideas such as a toy land theme or a theme that the building is made from candy. You could put up large prop toys, or you could have the store painted on the inside to look like it is made out of candy. You could also create a theme of a night at the movies with popular movie posters on the wall and suggestions that people may want some candy to go with their popcorn on their home-movie nights.

Free Samples

Free samples can be an excellent way to sell new candies that you have just added or to get slow moving candies selling again. You may want to limit the free samples to just one per person and be certain that children are not continually entering your store for free samples.

Holiday Hours

Extending store hours during holiday seasons may be a good idea. The holiday seasons throughout the year are when people think most about buying candy, and having your store open extended hours during the holidays could lead to more revenue. Be sure to advertise your extended hours in the local newspaper and also include the limited amount of days that you will be open extended hours to help raise the feeling of urgency in your customers.

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