How Are Hemorrhoids Removed?

If you have hemorrhoids, you want them gone. In the past, hemorrhoid removal surgery required a lengthy and painful recuperative period; however, in recent years the technique has become much better and your recovery should be easier.

  1. Infrared Light or Heat, Laser

    • Ask your physician about techniques using infrared light or heat, or laser. The result of this procedure is coagulation. The hemorrhoids harden and shrivel. This is an effective technique; however, there is a greater chance of the hemorrhoids returning when this method is used compared to the rubber band treatment, according to

    Rubber Band

    • When band ligation is done, your doctor will put one or two small rubber bands around the base of the hemorrhoid to cut off its circulation. When this is done, you may feel an urgent need to have a bowel movement but this sensation will pass eventually. The hemorrhoid dies and falls off within a few days. This technique can be uncomfortable for the patient and it may cause bleeding.

    Injection (Sclerotherapy)

    • If you opt for this approach, your physician will inject a chemical solution into the hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid tissue will shrink. This procedure isn't considered particularly painful; however, it may not be as effective as band ligation.


    • A relatively new hemorrhoid removal technique is now available in the United States. It is called procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids or PPH, according to Patients reportedly recover faster from this procedure than they do from a traditional hemorrhoid removal procedure.
      To perform this technique, a circular staple device is used and repositions or lifts up the anal canal tissue (mucosa). This reduces the blood flow to internal hemorrhoids. The internal hemorrhoids subsequently shrink within a few weeks. This procedure is performed above the areas where the person would feel pain, which makes it less traumatic than traditional hemorrhoid removal procedures. This method doesn't affect very many nerve endings, unlike the conventional procedures, which are performed below the dentate line.


    • If surgical removal is required, it is likely that the Milligan-Morgan Technique will be used. The three main hemorrhoid vessels are removed during the procedure and three pear-shaped incisions are left open. The method avoids the possibility of stenosis occurring. Stenosis is the abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other organ or structure.
      Another surgical technique is the Ferguson Technique which is different from Milligan-Morgan in that the incisions are partially or completely closed. Stitches are used that will self-absorb.


    • Another technique is called stapled hemorrhoidectomy. This results in blocking the flow to hemorrhoid tissue. This is considered less painful than a standard hemorrhoidectomy but there is a bigger risk of rectal prolapse, in which the rectum sticks out of the anus, and recurrence of hemorrhoids, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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