Weight Loss & Nettle Tea


Nettle tea has long been touted as a weight-loss and health wonder. Nettle is the name of an herb from the Mediterranean region. There are numerous healthy properties in the herb's leaves, roots and seeds. Along with assisting in weight loss, nettle tea helps to protect against allergies (hay fever and eczema), battles skin issues, helps with coughing, asthma and tuberculosis, and helps handle urinary tract infections.


  • Nettle tea is highly nutritious (abundant in vitamins E and C, and minerals such as magnesium, silica, iron, potassium and calcium), and as a result is useful for healing muscle strains, broken bones and injuries of the tendon.

Weight Loss

  • One of the most popular benefits associated with drinking nettle tea is weight loss. Nettle tea is efficient for the removal of unnecessary toxins from the body. It is also known to feed the cells of the body, which results in decreases in cravings. It is often utilized as an appetite suppressant, which makes it highly beneficial for both weight loss and weight management.


  • Nettle tea is gentle, mild and highly diuretic. However, weight loss associated with nettle tea might be more temporary than permanent, as it could result in more water lost than actual weight.

Physical Benefits

  • Weight loss is not the sole physical benefit linked to the consumption of nettle tea. Along with eliminating toxins from the body and trimming down, nettle tea is believed by many to make hair shinier, brighter and thicker. It is also believed to clear up the complexion and help improve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Other Conditions

  • There are various other conditions and ailments that drinking nettle tea might help. Some of these conditions include dysentery, bad circulation, enlarged spleen, diarrhea, gout, glandular disorders, hemorrhoids, and problems with the colon and the intestine.

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