Strep Symptoms in Adults


The streptococcus bacteria is responsible for the condition known as strep throat. While strep throat is known as more of a childhood disease, it can strike adults as well. The streptococcus bacteria is also found in other parts of the body, and while a strep infection in an adult is usually harmless, it can sometimes create complications that can get quite dangerous.


Strep is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria known as streptococcus. Most people are familiar with the term "strep throat," but the streptococcus bacteria is present in the bowels, the rectum, the urinary bladder and other abdominal organs. The symptoms of a strep infection in an infant are the same as an adult; the difference is that with an infant the complications from strep can be much more severe than for an adult. A child with strep can develop complications such as rheumatic fever, which can attack the joints and the heart, if strep is not properly treated.

Strep Throat

The initial symptoms of strep throat are a noticeable red rash in the throat accompanied by white bumps. If the tonsils are still present, then the tonsils may be covered in white bumps or with pus. The person will have a very difficult time swallowing, and the lymph nodes in the neck swell noticeably. It is possible that adults with strep throat may experience no symptoms at all, and the body will get rid of the bacteria on its own.

Abdominal Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of a strep infection in the abdominal region, or any other part of the body, include fever, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite and abdominal pain. In more serious conditions, symptoms such as a red rash on the skin, pain or stiffness in the joints and nausea may be present. These symptoms of strep bacterial infection in an adult are rare, and they should be reported to a physician immediately.


One of the more common adult groups that become infected with the streptococcus bacteria is pregnant women. A strep infection in a pregnant woman can lead to a urinary tract infection, which will cause symptoms such as fever and abdominal pain. There is also a possibility that the infection will cause inflammation in the lining of the uterus, and this can result in pain in the abdominal area that should be looked at by a doctor immediately.


According to the Mayo Clinic, approximately 200,000 people die each year from sepsis. Sepsis is a condition of the bloodstream that is caused by a bacterial infection, such as the streptococcus bacteria. Sepsis is common in pregnant women and in adults over the age of 65. The more common symptoms of sepsis are fever, rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing. In some cases, blood pressure drops so rapidly that patients go into what is known as sepsis shock, which can be a very severe and potentially fatal condition. Sepsis is fatal in about 25 percent of cases.

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