Signs of Skin Cancer on the Chest


Skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, but it is especially likely to appear on areas exposed to the sun on a regular basis. That being said, the chest is sensitive anyway, so if you receive a sunburn in this area, your chances of developing skin cancer are even more heightened. To seek appropriate medical treatment, it's important to have a solid understanding of the signs that skin cancer is present on your chest. Only then can you receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Signs

One of the most common types of cancer is basal cell carcinoma—it can be treated easily if diagnosed fairly early on. It appears mostly as a flat lesion that is either crusty or looks waxy. The good thing is once treated, it is rare for this type of skin cancer to come back.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Signs

Squamous cell carcinoma is another type of skin cancer. It can spread fairly easily, so early diagnosis is vital. Even so, once detected this type of cancer is simple to cure. It typically appears as a red nodule that's firm or a scaly lesion on the skin.

Merkel Cell Carcinoma Signs

Another type is merkel cell carcinoma. This is rare and can be difficult to treat since it spreads to other parts of the body, including organs, quickly. It usually appears as shiny nodules that grow out of hair follicles with coloring that can span from pink to red or blue.

Melanoma Signs

The most dangerous type of skin cancer is melanoma. This cancer type can spread to organs fast and usually appears from an existing mole. Typical symptoms are a mole that transforms at some time during your life from symmetrical to uneven or a different color, a speckled lesion or a dark lesion. Moles that bleed are also a sign of this cancer type.

Kaposi Sarcoma Signs

Kaposi sarcoma is one of the rarest types of skin cancer and affects the skin's blood vessels. It shows up as reddish or purplish areas anywhere on the body. It can even affect the mucus membranes. This type of skin cancer typically shows up in people with HIV, AIDS or another autoimmune disease such as Lupus.

Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma Signs

Sebaceous gland carcinoma is an aggressive form of skin cancer that grows from the oil glands. It can spread quickly and spread to other organs in the body. Typical symptoms include nodules that are hard and flesh-toned and can go unnoticed as they may look like blemishes.

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