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Tea is believed to have a positive impact on many aspects of human health. However, these claims have yet to be proven. Tazo tea is no exception. And while Tazo.com touts the nutritional benefits of its teas (such as that it has few carbohydrates and zero calories), Tazo also distances the brand from more extraordinary claims, such as that tea contains anti-cancer properties and can delay aging.


  • Tea is widely believed to possess many health benefits, although many claims of its positive impact remain unsubstantiated. Tazo tea is no exception to either of these.


  • Tazo.com touts some of the benefits of Tazo's products, including that there is "less than one gram of carbohydrates" and zero calories in almost all of its teas. Also, all of its teas are kosher, and all but four are gluten-free. And although all Tazo teas contain caffeine unless stated otherwise, generally tea contains "half the amount of caffeine found in an equally-sized cup of coffee," according to teabenefits.com.


  • However, Tazo also simultaneously distances itself from more extraordinary claims.

    "Tazo blends our teas for taste rather than any specific health benefit. Although there is much written on teas today, Tazo does not make any health claims. As a company, we can't take it upon ourselves to provide medical advisories on our packaging without discretion from FDA. We always encourage our customers to read the ingredient panels and check with their doctor if they have any questions about an ingredient," according to tazo.com.

    The fact that Tazo does not make health claims does not automatically mean that Tazo teas do not possess any health benefits; the claims just have not been substantiated, nor have they been proven false.

Potential Benefits

  • One of the most commonly cited health benefits of tea is its supposed anti-cancer properties. Tea is derived from the camellia sinensis plant, which recent research has shown, according to teabenefits.com, has "cancer-fighting properties." However, there has been no substantial proof that this is the case.

Other Potential Benefits

  • The leaves of the camellia sinensis plant (also known as tea leaves) contain polyphenols, which are what give tea its widely-touted antioxidant properties. According to teabenefits.com, the polyphenols in tea have been known to "help protect cells from the...physiological process known as 'oxidative stress,' help prevent blood clotting, help lower cholesterol levels, help neutralize enzymes that aid in the growth of tumors, help deactivate cancer promoters and help stimulate the immune system."

    In addition to polyphenols, teabenefits.com states that tea contains several other ingredients with health benefits: the amino acide theanine, methylxanthines, minerals and vitamins. According to teabenefits.com, these ingredients are known to "help fight against mutagenic agents, delay aging, help fight high blood pressure, help fight against viral and bacterial infection, and help improve the functions of the digestive and excretory systems."

    Tea is also believed to contain fluoride, which plays a key role in strengthening the teeth.

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