Cures for Plugged Up Ears

Cures for Plugged Up Ears
Cures for Plugged Up Ears (Image:

Having plugged ears is normally a temporary problem and can be relieved with just a few simple steps. Most of the time, it is caused by colds, allergies or some type of infection. Plugged ears are often the result of a blocked Eustachian tube, offsetting the pressure in the ear. There are remedies you can from home to cure plugged ears, but if the problem persists, it could be best to contact your doctor or a specialist.

Allergies and Plugged Ears

Allergies can cause an ear to plug. Individuals with plugged ears can try using decongestants, allergy relief medicine or pouring a small amount of hydrogen peroxide mixed with vinegar into an ear to clear it up.

Ear Wax Build Up

The human ear can build up a large amount of wax over time and cause the ear to feel plugged. After awhile, built-up earwax can be hard to remove. Try using mineral oil or sweet oil to remove old earwax.

Remedies for Built-Up Pressure

Sometimes, an ear can build up pressure. Try chewing gum, swallowing frequently or yawning. Another method you can try is this: While taking in a deep breath, pinch your nostrils closed. Then, close your mouth. Begin trying to blow out the pinched nostrils but be careful not to use too much force.

Muscular Tension

Tension in muscles can cause the ear to plug. Sometimes exercises or simple forms of yoga can help solve the problem. Try to avoid any kinds of daily activities that could put strain on the head or neck muscles. Try not to overdue hobbies that include prolonged sitting, such as embroidering and writing.

If Ears are Plugged for a Long Period of Time

If your ears continue to feel plugged for several weeks, go see a doctor or a specialist such as an otolaryngologist (a nose, throat and ear doctor). While some causes may be from a cold, allergy or an infection, there could be other complications. If your ears are not checked properly, your hearing, and your eardrums, could be affected. A specialist may need to insert a ventilation tube so that fluid can be drained to relieve pressure.

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