What are the Side Effects of Atenolol?


If you suffer from high blood pressure or an accelerated heartbeat, you might be prescribed Atenolol. This type of prescription medication is classified as a beta blocker. It is most often used to treat hypertension or irregular heart rates. Physicians will often prescribe Atenolol as one of the medications a patient should use after suffering from a heart attack. This prescription drug has also been used as a preventative medicine to help reduce the number of migraines for patients suffering from frequent migraines.

Mild Symptoms

  • Patients sometimes report being dizzy or lightheaded after taking a dose of the medicine. Some people experience vision problems of various types. Atenolol is most commonly known as a medication that makes people feel tired and drowsy. Some people experience extreme fatigue and drowsiness using this medication.

Severe Side Effects

  • A small percentage of people who use Atenolol suffer from more serious side effects. For example, some patients experience numbness or tingling in any area of their body after use of this medicine. Some patients may have extreme dizziness or even faint and lose consciousness. Difficulty breathing or a significant decrease in heart rate can be experienced in the severest of cases.


  • If you experience any of the severe side effects that can be associated with Atenolol, seek medical assistance right away. A medical professional will provide advice on how to safely stop taking Atenolol if necessary. People who use Atenolol should also seek emergency medical assistance if they shown signs of an allergic reaction including hives, difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing, fever and any other allergy related symptoms.


  • Disclose any health conditions and other medications taken if your doctor suggests using Atenolol to treat a condition. People who have heart disease, diabetes, depression, thyroid disease and some other conditions should not use Atenolol. You should discuss any concerns with your physician and or your pharmacist before starting Atenolol.


  • You must take Atenolol only as prescribed by a doctor. If you take the medication more often or in a larger quantity than attended, adverse side effects can result. An overdose of Atenolol can cause you to collapse and to lose consciousness. This medication can lower your blood pressure or heart rate too much if you use more than the prescribed dose. An overdose of Atenolol should be treated as a medical emergency.

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