Where Can I Melt Scrap Gold?


Melting scrap gold is a subject of interest, especially now that the economy is suffering a down turn. Where do you go to exchange your unwanted pieces of gold jewelry? Who do you trust? Here are some recommendations you may find helpful!

What to Consider Before You Sell your gold!

A Google search will return thousands of hits for melting gold--but which places will give you the most for your gold? Which companies can be trusted to send back money if you send your gold?

The value and quality of your gold pieces are what each company examines before deciding how much to pay, if anything. This does not include gems and stones mounted in the pieces. The sites listed below (see Resources) offer credible references, organization memberships and ways to ensure your transactions will be safe and secure. However, be a discriminating shopper and read the fine print. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org) to learn what others have to say about the company you choose. Conduct your own search and uncover reviews through other sites. Look for the number of referrals, complaints and hidden messages you may have missed or not known to look for.

Gold Resellers with credentials.

Goldfellow.com has the BBB link prominently displayed at eye level. There are several options for swapping your gold and other metals for cash. This business offers customers a pre-paid FedEx shipping service with $1000 insurance; this means that you can track your shipment. The payment options listed include PayPal, direct deposit; you choose what works best for you and then ship your gold.

Goldlords.com is a Lords of London Ltd. company established in 1961. It offers consumers free overnight FedEx shipping and promises 115 percent payment for unwanted gold--along with a promise of trust. It has been featured at Yahoo! Finance, CNBC and Forbes, with links to all of these available at the website. With the FedEx service, your gold is overnighted, reviewed, weighed and payment is all completed within one day.

Shop Local

Don't overlook possible gold businesses where you live. You can search Local.com, pick the city and search for the business. The Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce are also terrific resources to search for gold, silver, platinum and other metal smelters in your town.

Do it yourself gold and metal melting!

If you have jewelry that carries memories and you don't want to part with it, combine and create something that you will wear. You can use these tools to melt your items and remake them into a unique new design.

Supplies to melt your own gold include melting dishes, furnaces created specifically for melting metals, molds to create a new piece of jewelry. Check your local craft stores, looking for shops specializing in metal casting and jewelry creations. Some suggestions for casting melted metal include the use of sand treated with oil. For further information on how to create a home smelting plant, visit Lionel Oliver II's site (http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/tools.html). Most of these supplies can be found at ebay.com for less than you would imagine, use the term "melting gold" will turn up several suppliers.

Due Diligence

Due diligence means completing your research about a company. Read the fine print in all contracts, terms of service and other pertinent documents. If something is not clear ask questions and get clarification. The Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Chamber of Commerce and your local government offices are essential resource tools when considering which company to conduct business with.

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