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The Amish are known for quality products. Whether you buy a food product, a craft, furniture or a home-building kit, your money is well-spent when buying from the Amish. This article discusses Amish Home Building Kits. These prefab kits are cut in a shop in Kentucky and come in six basic styles and various sizes, although they are all log cabins.

Ease of Assembly and Functions

The kits are easy to assemble so that just about any do-it-yourself person can handle the job. The buyer needs to take care of the foundation, plumbing, appliances and electricity. These kits can be used for vacation homes, hunting cabins- or a regular home. The cost will depend on the style and the size because the materials in the kit will vary accordingly. Everything you need to construct the log cabin comes in the kit, but if you need additional help, there is a help line as well. In addition to the affordable price, there Is free shipping for the first 1,500 miles. The tongue-and-groove siding, ceiling boards and flooring are all white pine. Screws are used for the assembly to add strength to the overall structure. All you need to supply is the time and labor; if you can’t do it yourself, you can hire others to get it done. It only takes a couple of days to set it up.

Types and Size

The kits come in various standard dimensions; the size and shape of your property should be considered when deciding the size and style cabin to order. A plan can be customized to fit your needs; so if you want a bigger cabin, the Amish can accommodate you and negotiate a price. Porch lofts and other amenities can be added to suit your needs. These cabins can be set up to sleep 8-10 people, perfect for a vacation or hunting cabin.


From the six styles along with the ability to customize and add features, the customer should have no problem creating the perfect cabin for whatever purpose. Once you decide on the style, you can choose from numerous options to customize your cabin, including: bathrooms; bedrooms and closets; kitchen; lofts; dormers; windows and insulation; electricity and fixtures; roofing; and type of foundation. Once the cabin itself is created, the customer can decide on whether to add the matching furniture that is available.


If you are using the cabin for vacation or residential purposes, you will want it raised off the ground with some type of foundation. You can use treated poles or cement blocks. Either way you will need a crawlspace for duct work for heating and cooling and pipes for plumbing. The company can handle wiring and electric fixtures, but different areas have different codes; so if your area has a different code than Kentucky, Tennessee or Indiana, you will need to provide the information so codes can be meet. There can be hookups for washer/dryer and hot water heater, plus bathroom facilities. Fireplaces are not part of the kits but you can install your own portable fireplace or wood-burning stove. The lot preparation is the customer's responsibility; this usually includes the foundation, a well or water line, a septic system or sewer system, electric lines and/or gas line and any landscaping you desire.


Amish Home Building Kits are an affordable alternative for vacation or residential use. They are easy to assemble and can be customized to your needs.

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