How Effective Is the Strip Drug Test?

Strip drug tests are designed to test urine for traces of drugs like marijuana. They are popular in the workplace for random testing, as well as in the home as a tool of concerned parents. They are easy to administer, but you need to understand exactly how they work and how to read them in order to put them to the best use.

  1. Function

    • Strip drug tests are also called dip-strip urine drug tests and dip-strip drug tests. They can detect traces of marijuana in urine up to 10 days after the drug has been used. They can also be used to detect cocaine usage, although these tests are less precise, as cocaine does not remain in the system nearly as long as marijuana.


    • Generally, the dip-strip drug test apparatus will have an elongated portion that should be dipped in the urine. As the strip absorbs the urine, a color will appear indicating the presence or absence of traces of drugs in the system. Some types of test have more advanced readouts, and actually include a digital indicator.


    • Dip-strip drug tests come in many varieties, although they all function in basically the same manner. You can get them for cocaine testing and marijuana testing, as well as in more general forms that simply indicate the presence of methamphetamines in the system, or generally indicate the use of crack, crystal meth or crank. You can also obtain tests with various sensitivities to drugs, depending on your needs.


    • When you are administering a dip-strip drug test, factor in the purpose of the test. If you are trying to determine if a child is using a prohibited substance, you will probably want an extremely sensitive test to ease your fears. On the other hand, if you may take an action like firing an employee based on the results of such a test, you need to be sure the sensitivity levels meet FDA requirements, and that your test is approved for this type of use. If it is not, you open yourself up to lawsuits and other legal actions.


    • Dip-strip drug tests are extremely popular because they are inexpensive and easy to use. They can be ordered online quickly and efficiently. They also show results immediately, enabling you to take fast action if it is warranted.


    • When you are using dip-strip drug tests, be very careful that every action you take is legally defensible. If you are using the strip drug test on your employees, check all state, local and federal laws concerning drug-testing procedure. If you do not, you could end up losing your business, paying huge fines or being unable to ever fire an employee who is a chronic drug user, even if she is a danger to herself and the rest of your company.

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