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Instead of being tied down by another bill, you can remain flexible by purchasing a pre-paid cell phone. One of the most popular pre-paid cell phones is the Trac Fone. Trac Fones are available at most retailed and this company offers contract-free phones at affordable prices. People may not understand how Trac Fones work or what the company is all about, but once you become more informed on the process, you can decide if a Trac Fone is right for you.

  1. Function

    • Trac Fones are contract free, meaning that you are not forced to pay a bill month by month. You purchase minutes as you need them, and if you want the monthly plans but without the contracts, you can choose that as well.

      To purchase minutes, you can visit any big box retailer like Wal-Mart or Target and buy a card with pre-loaded minutes on them. Then you must activate the card to your phone by going online or using another phone. You can also purchase minutes right on Tracfone.com if you wish.

    Time Frame

    • Once you purchase the minutes, they have a 3 month timeframe for which you can use them. You can also purchase the 1-year plans that give you enough minutes to last a whole year so you do not need to worry about the expiration dates.


    • You cannot just use any phone on the Trac Fone program. They must be Trac Fone enabled, and the easiest way to do this is by a Trac Fone approved phone from a store or their website.

      Phones are available as low as $9.99 and the highest cost just over $130. All of them have certain features, and some include "Double Minutes for Life" so make sure you check out the fine print when searching for one.


    • Owning a cell phone without a contract is great for people who do not really need a cell phone. One of the main benefits is for uses in an emergency. As long as you have the cell phone charged, whether there are minutes on it or not, you will be able to call 911 if you need help.


    • There are three different Trac Fone plans that you can take a part of. You can purchase minutes as you go and end this at any time, automatically receive minutes every month in increments of 50, 100, or 150, or sign up your whole family up for a plan.

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