About Sports Management


When considering entering sports management as a career, it is important to have a clear view of both the industry and what you intend to gain from it.

The Facts

  • Sports management is simply the business side of sports. It is a field of both education and vocation. There are many jobs which fall under sports management such as:
    • Management
    • Front office
    • Sports marketing
    • Event management
    • Facility management
    • Sports information
    • Sports finance
    • Sports economics


  • There are many misconceptions about sports management. Here are a few
    • Sports management is not all about discussing sports; it’s mainly about management and how it applies to business and sports, then how it fits into our society.
    • A college degree in sports management will not guarantee a position in high-end management anywhere. Learning the business first-hand is as much a part as learning from the books.

    • Networking never stops.
    • Not everyone rubs elbows with big names in big places. Many in sports management run golf courses and auxiliary businesses.


  • If you are going to school for sports management, make sure the school you choose is in the proximity of the industry. Places such as Indianapolis, Miami, Boston and New York are good geographical areas to go to school because of the following reasons:
    • More internships and job training available
    • More possibilities of jobs after college
    • More knowledge of the industry in general

    Being able to play sports helps you to understand the sports industry. Being able to understand about the business helps maintain viability in sports management. You will need to have a grasp of such areas as:
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Sponsorship
    • Licensing
    • Finance

The Facts

  • Before you decide to go into sports management, learn everything you can about sports management. Research and define the skills you will need for the career path you have chosen. There are three resources you can use to do this:
    • The internet – Google everything you want to know.

    • Print media – both articles and books on the subject will help
    • The industry – locate people already in the field and talk shop

    This will also root your goals in reality as to what the market needs and what areas you can work yourself into.


  • \"Show me the money.\" This is the famous line from the movie \"Jerry McGuire.\" He was a sports agent, which is a part of the sports management industry. The movie also clearly shows the one main aspect of the sports management field; it is a business, and it is about business. Another aspect shown in the movie is that of commission-based pay. Many jobs in sports management are paid this way. Many people come into sports management with the idea that once they put their time and energy into it, they will be fine. This is the type of business where you must constantly be putting in time and energy to maintain your living. Sports management is about the business of sports. The business of sports is all business.

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