Ford Audio Troubleshooting


Ford cars and trucks are equipped with audio units that have several optional systems: radio, cassette tape, compact disc player and MP3 player, and different equalizer and speaker combinations. No matter the model car or truck you have, troubleshooting problems with your Ford audio systems involves three basic parts: console, recorded music player and speakers. Determining where you have a problem is the first step to deciding what to do make it like new: repair or replace.


  • Before doing any disassembly or other intrusive actions, just make sure the outside antenna is not broken or disconnected. A Ford audio receiver cannot pick up any FM station without an antenna. If necessary, look inside the body panel to make sure the wires to the antenna are connected. If your Ford has the antenna in the windshield (two small wires inside the glass), see whether the glass is chipped or cracked, or whether the wires are broken.

    If you have a satellite antenna on the top of your Ford automobile, make sure the antenna wires are connected. You may have to unfasten the roof liner in the passenger compartment for this procedure. To check the radio unit, you will have to disassemble the dashboard. Although time-consuming, this is not complicated. All the screws are along the bottom and side and there are clips to unfasten and remove the dashboard. Take out the radio console and check that the "ext. ant" connection is secure.

Recorded Audio Player

  • If you cannot play tapes, CDs or MP3s, you should check the unit while you have the dashboard disassembled. Make sure the power cord and all the speaker wires are connected. Make sure the recorded audio player is functioning, the tape spools turn and the CD mechanical operation functions properly. If you cannot play MP3s, make sure the audio input jack is connected and no wires are broken or frayed. A bare wire touching metal can cause systems to not operate correctly.


  • If you have no sound, or static, you need to check the speakers. These are under the dashboard cowl right behind the windshield, or under the front doors or possibly the back doors, depending on the Ford model cal you have, and the backseat bonnet near the back window. Ford SUVs can have bass response speakers located to the rear near the lift gate. Check the speakers for proper connections. Check to see whether the speaker is "blown." This happens when speakers are old or you play the volume really loud. The paper cone in the speaker (the thin black center) can become damaged. Any damage to a speaker will mean replacing the unit. This is done easily by just unscrewing the fasteners, disconnecting the wire and installing a new speaker. No component of a Ford audio system requires any soldering for connections. Everything is done with screws and tabs.

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