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Feel like putting on your own game show with your kids?. Developing your own questions may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember, you probably already have a good idea of what your child knows. Use these suggestions as jumping off points, grab a pen and pencil for keeping score (or give out M&Ms for correct answers), and get ready to have a good time.

Home and Family

  • Test your kids’ knowledge of their own home and family. What time was their little brother born? What’s Aunt Sue’s middle name? What year was their home built? Who got stuck in the closet last Christmas Eve? Questions can be obvious, challenging or silly. Throw in a good variety to keep your game show interesting. Brainstorm by creating a list of all the people in your family and asking who, what, when and where questions. You may not use every question you create, but writing them all down keeps the ideas flowing. Don’t be afraid to use a few questions you’re not sure your kids will know. Maybe they don’t remember who won the hot dog eating contest at the last family reunion, but what better way to remind them?


  • Does your third grader still remember how to spell last month’s spelling words? Does your kindergartner know the three primary colors? Can your fifth grader divide 84 by 6? Scrounge through old school papers and textbooks for ideas, but remember to keep it fun, too. Did your son love the book his teacher just read to him? Ask about the main character’s best friend. Have there been any recent field trips you can ask about? Does your daughter know how many basketball hoops her school has? In every category, include easy questions along with more challenging ones to avoid discouragement. This is a game show, not a pop quiz.

Hobbies and Sports

  • What are your child’s interests? If your child is a football fan, ask how many points each goal is worth, what color jersey his home team wears when playing an away game, or what the referee signal is for off sides. Does your child know how to move a knight in chess? What about favorite musicians? Can your child tell you the first album released by her favorite rock star? You can even play a piece of music and ask your child to identify the artist. This is your game show, so feel free to get creative. Remember to include each parent’s interests, too. If there’s a railroad hobbyist in the home, ask about that. Is there a movie or TV show the family enjoys together? Does your child know what season Jim asked Pam to marry him? Once you get started, you may find it hard to stop.


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