Homemade Knitting Board


Knitting boards, also known as knitting looms, are simple devices used to make knitted objects without knitting needles. They are available from most yarn shops and from online vendors, but you can also make one yourself. There are a variety of ways to do this, with the cost and difficulty dependent upon the shape and style you want to make.

Wide-Toothed Comb

  • Make a simple rake loom by taking two combs with widely spaced teeth and attaching them side by side. Place something between them at each end to space them apart and either glue or screw them together. A small piece of wood would work well. The trick is to make sure there is some space in the middle and that the teeth are lined up opposite each other.

Pegs and Rubber Bands

  • Find items to use as pegs. Suggestions include pick-up sticks toys, bobby pins, cocktail swizzle sticks or ballpoint pen barrels. Look for items to use as spacers. Small plastic beads meant for making inexpensive jewelry and crafts work well. Feed a rubber band through one of the beads and secure the two loops around two of the pegs. If you have really narrow pegs you might want each pair to be two pegs together. Continue stringing the pegs together in this fashion and when you have enough, secure the last to the first to form a circular loom. This idea was created by Tiffany from the Flexible Knitting Loom blog; see the link in the references below to download a PDF tutorial with step-by-step instructions and photos.

Nails and a Board

  • Make several shapes of looms using a piece of plywood or fiberboard (MDF). Make sure the wood is cut smoothly and sanded so it doesn't snag the yarn. The board can be one long board for a rake style loom, or you can cut it in a circle or a rounded rectangle. Choose some nails with heads that are only slightly larger in diameter than the shaft of the nail; these will be your pegs. Measure out the gauge and mark the board where each peg will be nailed. It is important that the pegs be evenly spaced. Nail the nails in place to use as pegs and there you have your loom.

Craft a Professional Loom using Woodworking

  • If you are a woodworker, you can make a nice loom as a special gift, or to sell to crafters. If you are unfamiliar with what a loom looks like, you might borrow or buy one or look at photos on the Web before you begin. Start with fiberboard or any wood you want to work with. Cut the wood to the shape you want, similar to the instructions in the step above. Make your own pegs using the same or a different kind of wood, or wooden dowels. Using a lathe, turn the pegs to produce the knob on the head of each peg. Professionally-made knitting looms also have a groove on the outside of each peg's shaft. Cut holes in the base and attach the pegs in place, making sure to measure so they are evenly spaced. Attach a shorter peg sideways to the outside of the circle as an anchor peg, if you are making a circular loom.

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