Instructions for a Brother Home Knitting Machine


Brother home knitting machines are devices that consist of a needle bed and a hand-held carriage. You operate the machine by first threading your yarn through the various guides and into the carriage. After that, all that remains is to prepare the needle bed for use and run the carriage back and forth over your knitting.


  • Begin by threading one end of the yarn from your ball through the eyelet located on the rear yarn guide (the triangular piece of wire). Guide the yarn up and over the plastic pivot, under the pin and between the two discs. Pass the yarn through the front yarn guide, then thread it through the eyelet located on the end of the take up spring. Pull the yarn down and affix it to the wire clip located on the metal rod that holds the yarn guide.

    Examine the end of the plastic pivot and turn the dial to the appropriate setting for the type of yarn you are using. For medium thickness yarn, set the dial to the triangle icon. For a heavy thickness, set the dial to the plus sign. For a fine thickness, set the dial to the minus sign. Open the accessory box that came with your knitting machine and locate the small nub of wax. Place the wax on the metal nub located near the pivot end of the front yarn guide, such that it can wax the yarn that gets fed through the machine.

    Set the holding cam lever to the leftmost position and push the upper-middle cam button in. Set the change dial to the position marked "N.L" and adjust the tension dial to the desired setting. Examine the two levers on the rear of the device; raise the left lever and leave the right one lowered. Push down the two levers located on the front of the device.

    Use the flat edge of the needle pusher to set 60 needles to the "B" position (set 30 needles on either side of the needle bed to the center line marked "0"). Pass the carriage over these needles to ensure they are properly aligned. Use the toothed end of the needle pusher to bring every other needle back to its original (or "A") position.

    Find the yarn feed lever located on the carriage and push it to the left. Remove the length of yarn from the yarn clip and feed it into the carriage. Move the yarn feed lever back to the right but do not release the length of yarn. Move the carriage to the left until you feel the needles take up the yarn; you may now release the length of yarn.

    Take the cast-off comb and choose a length that matches the number of needles you are using. Align the comb such that its hooks are facing the device. Pull the yarn through one of the comb's hooks and hook the comb over the loops of yarn. Allow the comb to hang freely and affix the loose end of yarn to the clip on the front of the connecting plate.

    Use the needle comb to bring the needles that you previously took to the "A" position back to the "B" position. Move the carriage to the right to perform the cast-on.

    Continue moving the carriage back and forth to keep knitting.

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