Mazda Miata Throttle Body Cleaning


Cleaning the Mazda Miata throttle body should be done once every 20,000 miles. This will increase engine performance and drivability. If your engine stumbles, hesitates, idles rough, or stalls, it could be caused by a dirty throttle body.

Throttle Body Cleaning Advantages

  • Mazda Miata engine layouts are very similar, whether you have a 1.6L, 1.8L, or 2.0L model, the steps that need to be taken will be very similar. Cleaning the throttle body will undoubtedly improve how well your engine runs, improve engine response, and may even improve gas mileage. The great news is that all this will only take approximately 30 min.

Tools Needed

  • You are going to need a rag, toothbrush, basic hand tools, and throttle body cleaner. The throttle body cleaner's job is to break down any soot and make it easier to remove -- 3M and CRC products both make very good throttle body cleaners.

Throttle Body Cleaning Process

  • Begin by removing the plastic intake tube that leads to the throttle body.To do this, first remove the air box cover and remove the air filter. Then use a ratchet to remove the air box that is attached to the vehicle body. Disconnect any electrical wires going into the intake tube. This will include the mass air flow sensor and intake temperature sensor. Also disconnect any vacuum hoses going to the intake tube. Next, loosen the air intake tube from the throttle body with a Philips head screwdriver and remove. Now there is access to the throttle body. Spray the cleaner of your choice in the throttle body and use a brush to get at any soot that is stuck to the wall. Then use a rag to clean thoroughly. Repeat this process until all you can see is metal in the throttle body.

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