The Best Way to Pour Cupcakes in Muffin Pans


You have lots of batter to create delicious, moist cupcakes. However, you want each cupcake to be uniform in size so they bake evenly in the muffin pan. The best way to get a perfect amount into each muffin mold is to use something that allows you to control the amount of batter that goes into the pan, instead of pouring batter from a bowl or a measuring cup.

Ice Cream Scoop With Wiper

  • One way to get a uniform, perfect scoop each time is with an ice cream scooper that has a wiper on the inside of the scoop. The wiper removes the extra batter that would normally get stuck to the inside, which keeps things nice and neat. The size of your scooper will depend on the size of your muffin pan. If you are making mini cupcakes, and are using a muffin pan with miniature muffin molds, a 1-ounce scoop would be appropriate. An extra-large muffin pan that has six molds per pan would require a larger, 4- or 5-ounce scoop. This way, you will only need to do one scoop per mold instead of doing double duty with a scoop that is too small or trying to gauge how much batter a small mold needs with a large scoop.

Batter Dispenser

  • If you have a pancake dispenser, why not use it for cupcake batter? Just because it was advertised for pancakes does not mean that is the only function it can perform. The best thing about batter dispensers is that you control the amount of batter that comes out, with a squeeze of the handle. This way, you can set a visual mark on the muffin pan (best is halfway full), and stop immediately at that marker. If you are using paper cups inside each mold, draw a "fill to" line on the outside of the paper with a dark-colored marker, and fill to that line. Also, if you do not put enough in one of the molds, you can always squeeze a little more out of the dispenser.

Plastic Bag

  • If you do not have a batter dispenser and forgot to pick up an ice cream scoop, try an old standby. Grab a quart- or gallon-sized bag with a zipper top, pour the batter into the bag, and then close the top. Be sure not to overfill. Then, tilt the bag so that one of the bottom corners is empty. Cut off the corner so you have a hole that is about 1/2-inch wide in diameter. Set the muffin pan under the bag, and begin pouring the batter into each mold. Remember to tilt the bag up between molds, so batter does not accidentally spill or drip between molds.

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