Homemade Shed Door Latches


Sheds provide extra storage when your house or garage becomes too full. Because sheds are storage units separate from your home, you need to create a door latch that keeps the doors tightly closed. Door latches should contain a feature that is suitable for using with a lock to keep your items secure.


  • Determine the length of the shed door latch by measuring 2 to 3 inches outward, each way, from the seam of the closed doors or doors. Sheds vary in design; some have two doors and others have just one. In either case, the door latch should be a couple to a few inches from the seam where the door or doors open. Most double-door sheds have handles within close proximity to each other. In this case, consider placing the base of each side of the door latch directly under each handle.


  • Select a piece of hardware that resembles a large staple or half-moon with holes for screws or nails. Some builders prefer to use screws because they provide a more sturdy form of attachment. Choose a long, flat piece with a hinge and an opening for the other part of the latch to fit through. Consider using hardware for the latch that is made of a metal that is weather-resistant. Metal that will not rust ensures that the latch maintains an appropriate level of durability so it will not break over time.


  • Consider using a lock for the shed door latch to keep others out of your shed and away from your personal belongings. The half-moon or staple shape of the latch provides a loop for the lock. When the long, flat piece lays over the loop and a lock is hung from the loop, it secures the latch from coming undone until it's released by someone who can access the lock. Sheds susceptible to harsh environments should have locks that are weather-resistant. If you use a standard lock with a number dial or key access, the wheel for the dial or the key hole can acquire rust and become impossible to open. Weather-resistant locks have a protective body that closes tightly over the lock, preventing weather damage.

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