A Natural Way to Unclog a Toilet


Considerable disagreement surrounds who invented the contemporary flush toilet. Many attribute this modern marvel to 19th century English plumber, Thomas Crapper. Regardless of who invented the toilet, no doubt exists as to whether this device has developed into one of the most essential elements of modern life. It is proven every time a toilet becomes clogged. Harsh chemicals can harm the environment, so unclogging a toilet naturally has become another necessity of life.


  • Simple toilet clogs can often be remedied by mechanical means without resorting to additives which can be harmful to the environment. When the clog is first noticed, turn off the water source, and flush again. If this fails to clear the clog, try using a plunger to break the vacuum seal caused by the clog. Place the lips of the plunger over the opening in the bottom of the bowl to create a suction seal. Press down vigorously, and pull back up, being careful not to break the seal. Repeat this process several times; then remove the plunger. If the clog is loosened, the bowl should clear. If this process does not work, try a drain snake, which is a metallic tape from 6 to 15 feet long that is fitted with an auger on one end. Insert the auger into the drain through a manual crank to penetrate through the clog.


  • If mechanical methods fail to unstop the toilet, try water-related methods. Bail excess water from the bowl, then pour in a gallon of hot water. The force of the water combined with the change in pressure can some times loosen the clog, and the hot water may act to dissolve enough of the clog to break the vacuum seal. If the clog persists, bail out excess water from the bowl, pour in a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar. The chemical reaction, which is completely safe for the environment, may bubble its way through the clog. Add a gallon of boiling water to the mix for added power. If the clog resists all your efforts, it may be that the problem is roots in your sewer line, a collapsed sewer line or some other foreign object that is stopping up the line. A professional plumber can often free the clog though the use of a powered drain auger that does not involve the use of harmful chemicals.

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