Smackdown Games to Play


Smackdown games are fighting-simulation games, in which you battle either a computer opponent or second player until one of you gets knocked out. Single-player smackdown games are often in first-person perspective with the opponent facing directly out from the screen. If you want to try your hand at virtual boxing, free smackdown games are readily available online.

Smackdown Games

  • There are several online game sites that have smackdown games. has "Celebrity Smackdown 3," a smackdown game in which you can pick from several different celebrities and fight the celebrity from a first-person point of view. Celebrities in "Celebrity Smackdown 3" include Mr. Jacko in the junior lightweight division, Mr. Rocko, the heavyweight, and Nickel Rich, the featherweight contender. Mr. Jacko, Mr. Rocko and Nickel Rich are barely veiled interpretations of Michael Jackson, the Rock and Nicole Richie.

    Flash-games.ent offers "Smack Down," a game in which you fight 50 opponents in each round. Like with "Celebrity Smackdown 3," "Smack Down" gives you a first-person viewpoint. The ring in "Smack Down" is divided into squares that are numbered one through nine. When a fighter drops down into a square, press the corresponding number on your keyboard to throw a knockout punch. You must knock out at least 60-percent of your opponents to move on to the next round.

    "Sibling Smackdown" is a two-player smackdown game, in which Jack and Kelly Osbourne fight, with Ozzy as the referee. The game is hosted on

Smackdown Game Controls

  • The controls used in online smackdown games vary widely. Some games are played with the mouse, others with the keyboard. "Celebrity Smackdown 3" is played with the mouse. To throw a punch, a player simply aims with the mouse and left-clicks.

    In "Smack Down," the ring is divided into squares that are numbered one through nine. Opponents drop down into the ring and land on a square and a player must press the corresponding number on the keyboard to throw a knockout punch.

    The keyboard is also used in "Sibling Smackdown." Player one uses the "W," "A," "S" and "D" keys to move; "F" for a high punch; "G" for a high kick; "V" for a mid-section attack and "S" for a fast attack. Player two uses the arrows to move, "L" for a high punch, "K" for a high kick, the comma (,) key for a mid-section attack and the period key (.) for a fast attack.

How to Win

  • The method of winning in smackdown games also differs by game. "Celebrity Smackdown 3" is won by depleting the opponent's life bar before he depletes your life bar. In "Smackdown," a player must knock out 60-percent of the opponents in each round before moving onto the final round, where the champion must be fought. In "Sibling Smackdown," game play continues until one players knocks out the other.

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