Hot Water Boiler Maintenance


A hot water boiler is a chamber where water is heated, vaporized and used as heat energy within the home. A hot water boiler is an important part of living comfortably, and keeping it maintained is not just for your convenience, but also to ensure your safety. A hot water boiler can be extremely dangerous if not regularly checked. Knowing what, when and how your boiler should be maintained is essential to any homeowner or renter.

General Maintenance

  • Hot water boilers should be inspected by an professional every 36 months to make sure there are no problems that you are missing. If you are a commercial property owner, you will need to obtain a Permit to Operate, according to your local code. This requires a professional to come out and check your boiler's integrity. As part of general maintenance, you should check the water level of your boiler every other week so that you do not boil the heater dry. This can have disastrous effects on the device. When you check the water level, make sure the pilot light is lit and that there is no fuel accumulation near the pilot light area, or any other leaks.

Summer Maintenance

  • Perform summer maintenance of the hot water boiler annually. During the summer maintenance, you help the boiler recover from the hard work it performed in the winter months. You must flush all the liquid out of the boiler, cleaning and removing any build up from the interior. You should check to see if any components are in need of replacement at this time. You should always install new gaskets, then refill the boiler. If there is excess limescale from hard water, descale your boiler. Make sure to lubricate all moving parts, such as the fan, and all the pumps. You should also check for leaks at this time.

Winter Maintenance

  • A hot water boiler will work the hardest during the winter months, so you should perform a general check before cold weather hits. Clean the boiler room to prevent dust from clogging the fan mechanism. Check that the boiler water level is filled. You should check the pilot light to make sure it is working properly and is at the right height. If it is not performing well, you may want to take it out and clean it of any debris. You should test the low water cutoff and that the pilot light detection mechanism is working properly by blowing out the pilot light, relighting it and seeing if the boiler recognized the change.


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