Homemade Ouija Boards


Ouija boards have been used since the mid-1800s to call upon spirits for their guidance and assistance. By using the planchette, or pointer, on a Ouija board, users allow spirits to guide them to letters, numbers and words in order to communicate. You can buy Ouija boards online or at a local magic shop, or you can make your own.

Materials and Making the Board

  • Making a homemade Ouija board apparently gives users a stronger connection to the spirit world, due to the personal involvement in making the board.

    Before making your Ouija board, have the following materials ready: sticky alphabet letters and numbers at least an inch tall and poster board. If you don't have sticky letters and numbers available, you can use markers instead.

    You can make your Ouija board in numerous ways, but the simplest way is to lay out or write the letters A through M in one row and N through Z toward the top of the board. Underneath these letters goes the numbers 0 through 9. You also need to write or stick "yes," "no" and "good bye" on the poster board toward the bottom. This is a standard Ouija board. Some Ouija boards are made from wood, fiberboard or cardboard.

    To make a planchette, cut out a basic heart shape from thick paper or cardboard. Place your fingers on the humps of the heart and use the pointed side of the heart to guide yourself from letter to letter.

Personalize It

  • If you want, you can customize your homemade Ouija board, especially if you're already familiar with the spirit you're trying to contact. For example, if you're looking to find the answer to a specific question, you can write or paste specific phrases.

    Many people like to add spiritual symbols and designs to their Ouija board. You can add zodiac signs, a moon, a sun, flowers, a pentagram, stars or a four leaf clover.


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