How to Make Funky Picture Frames

A picture frame is a great gift to give almost anyone, even yourself. A personal photo is one way to make the gift personal, but a hand-made funky frame is even more special and shows personal thought. Popsicle stick frames aren't just fun for kids in kindergarten. Even adults can make gorgeous frames with a personal touch easily with the little wooden sticks.

  1. The Base

    • When making a picture frame, it's important to think of the sturdiness. Along with ease, a frame's Popsicle sticks are useful in making a strong, wooden frame base. Simply glue the sticks closely parallel together on a piece of cardboard or cardstock paper that has been measured to the desired frame size. This will be the back of the frame.

    The Sides

    • You can still use Popsicle sticks for the sides. First, glue flat Popsicle sticks along the sides of the frame so that the sides are just one layer higher than the rest of the back. Then take two Popsicle sticks and glue them side-by-side onto the edges, flat and parallel. Since there won't be enough room for both sticks next to each other on the one edge stick, there should be an overhang on either side. This overhang on the inside will help hold the photo in place in the end.

    The Pizazz

    • Once the frame base is complete, it's time to add a personal, funky touch. This is the part that's totally up to you. Paint the frame any color using watercolors, puffy paint or other craft paint sold at craft stores. Then add other items. Hot glue is probably easiest and fastest to glue on items like buttons, wooden or metal trinkets or ribbon. Think of a scrapbook when gluing items on your frame. If you have a specific photo in mind for the frame, choose items related to the photo. For example, a baby picture would fit perfectly in a frame with a little plastic pacifier on the corner and blue or pink ribbon surrounding it.

    Inserting Photo

    • A piece of plastic can be used as the photo cover. Simply insert the photo into the slot and then insert the piece of plastic (cut to the desired measurements) over it. If you've made your frame exactly to standard frame measurements (8 by 10 inches, 5 by 7 inches), a thin piece of glass taken from another frame should also work. However, glass may be too heavy for the Popsicle sticks in some instances. Reinforce your frame with cardboard in the back if you're afraid glass is too heavy.


    • Hanging the frame can be done in multiple ways. One way is to buy a hanging hook from a craft store. These can be glued on or screwed on, however Popsicle sticks are probably too thin to screw into. Another way is to staple a piece of string (approximately 6 inches long, depending on the size of your frame) to the top two corners of the frame, creating a loop. The string will be visible when it's hanging on a nail on the wall, but it will look somewhat like the olden days. Ribbon can also be used.
      A magnet glued to the back of the frame is a way to make the frame suitable for refrigerators, lockers or other metal objects.

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