Free, Fast, Fun Party Games

A party isn't a party without games. Some of the quickest, easiest and most entertaining games are those for kids. Children's games can be played by people of any age. Everyone attending the party should leave feeling energized and satisfied. The games should include everyone. Team games are the best type for parties because they require everyone to interact and have fun together.

  1. Team Games

    • Organize team games that will incorporate everyone. Play the prize walk and make it age-appropriate according to your attendees. Cut out 20 to 30 circles with numbers on them beforehand. Place them in a circle on the floor, and have everyone line up in a single file line. Play music that is upbeat and energy provoking. Instruct everyone to walk from circle to circle while the music is playing. Once the music stops, pick a number out of a hat. The person on the picked number wins a prize.

      Another game that is an oldie but a goodie is musical chairs. It's based on the same premise as the prize walk but you use chairs instead of numbered circles. Simply have one less chair than the number of people playing. When the music stops, everyone has to take a seat. The person still standing is out. Keep playing until you have one winner.

    Technique Games

    • Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Put a poster of a donkey up on a wall and designate the spot where players should try to pin the tail. Blindfold each participant and spin them around. Point him or her at the poster and let them try to pin the tail on the donkey. Place a piece of tape on the tail, so it will stick to the poster. The person who sticks the object closest to the designated spot wins.

      Another great technique game is Duck Pond. The Duck Pond game is very simple, but it is always a huge success. Have a wading pool filled with water. Throw in some yellow rubber ducks. Write numbers from 1 to 5 on the bottom of the ducks. If there are more ducks than guests, just repeat the numbers. Have each person pick a number during his turn, then give him three chances to find that number under a duck. A guest receives a gift with a number matching that on the bottom of the duck they have picked. You can have real and gag gifts as an added element of surprise.

    Hunting Games

    • A great hunting game is Mystery Fish. This game imitates the fishing sport. A doorway is covered, usually with a sheet, and beyond this doorway is the "water." There is a person in the "water." The player takes a rod with some thread and a clothespin. He casts the line onto the "water." The person in the "water" attaches a gift to the line and tugs on it letting everyone know a "fish" is caught. The individual then pulls the rod up to get his present.

      A treasure hunt is another great hunting game that can be created at different degrees of difficulty based on the age of the participants. Choose large items relating to your theme as the treasure. Hide them in different parts of the room or the house. Each participant has to search for these items. The person who discovers the highest number of items or treasure wins. They will be awarded a prize and also get to hide the treasure for the next round.

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