Safari Games for Kids


If you plan to have a party for your child anytime soon, consider having a party with a safari or jungle theme. You will want to tie in all of the aspects of the party together, such as the decorations, food and games. There are plenty of safari games you can choose from to use at your child's party.

Pull the Monkey's Tail

  • Cut one foot of crepe paper for each child. Pin the top end near the waist at the back end of each child to make them have a monkey tail, then use a bandanna for each child and tie their hands together (you can tie the hands either in front or behind them). Tell the children that when you say "Go", they must try to pull the tails off of their fellow monkeys without allowing anyone to grab their tail. Remind the children that they will be disqualified if they untie their hands. Any child who has his tail pulled off is out of the game and must go sit on the sidelines. The last child standing with his tail intact wins.

Guess the Jungle Animal

  • Purchase a set of safari goody bags. Place one plastic jungle animal in each bag. Make sure you wrap it up in tissue paper first. You can use plastic snakes, scorpions, lions, monkeys, alligators or frogs. Set the children on the floor in the form of a circle. Take out one bag at a time and have the children pass it around when the music starts. When the music stops, the child holding the bag must try to guess what jungle animal is inside without looking at it. If she guesses correctly, let her keep the animal. Otherwise, set it aside. Continue on until you have used up all of your animals.

Safari Dress Up Race

  • Separate the children attending the party into two equal teams. If you do not have an even number of children, have one child on the shorter team go twice. Fill two backpacks with adult safari pants, shirt, hat, boots and sunglasses. When you say "Go", each child must open the backpack, put on all of the clothes, run to the other end of the room and back, take off all of the clothes, put them back in the backpack and tag the team member behind them to go next. When all of the team members have completed the task, they must sit down. The first team sitting wins the game.

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