Rules for Kickball


Kickball is a classic game that many children learn to play in schoolyards. It is traditionally played on a baseball diamond, and the rules are similar to those of baseball. The game has seen a new popularity in recent years with adult leagues being formed in many cities around the United States.

General Rules

  • Participants are divided into two teams, the kicking team and the pitching team. The number of players on the field can vary, but most commonly there are a minimum of seven players on the field and a maximum of 11. Depending on the league you are playing in, there may or may not be a referee enforcing the rules. World Adult Kickball Association rules say games should consist of five innings and should last no less than 45 minutes and no more than 90 minutes.

Pitching Team

  • The pitching team fields players in a manner similar to baseball. This side consists of a pitcher and catcher; first, second and third baseman; and three outfielders. If an eighth player is not available, teams can play without a catcher. The pitcher rolls the ball toward the kicker; the ball must be rolling on the ground as it passes over home plate. Once a ball is in play, members of the pitching team try to get the kicker out either by tagging him with the ball or, while holding the ball, touching the base the player is headed for. When the pitching team earns three outs, the inning is over and the teams trade places.

Kicking Team

  • The kicking team places one player behind home plate who is responsible for kicking the ball into play. Kickers must be in the kicking box and behind home plate when they make contact with the pitch. The ball is hit either fair or foul. Foul balls are kicks that land the ball anywhere outside the playing field, and are considered strikes. When the kicker gets three strikes, he is out and the next player in line kicks. Players must kick the ball into fair territory and run to first base. If a player is already on first base, he advances to second base, and so on. Players must make it to the base without being tagged out by an opposing player. A kicker who rounds all three bases and tags home plate scores a run. The team with the most runs at the end of five innings wins the game.

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