Picnic Games for Kids & Teens


A picnic is a great summer socializing event for children and teenagers. Besides enjoying the delicious foods and listening to favorite music hits, kids and teens enjoy participating in fun activities at picnics. The most popular activities are outdoor games. These games are great exercise and will provide fun summer memories for kids and teens.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

  • A scavenger hunt is a fun activity for kids and young adults in a safe outdoor setting. Create a list of things for players to find in nature such as specific types of rocks, flowers or trees. Give a copy of the list to all players. Players must mark off items as they find them. Let participants search individually or divide them into teams of two. The first person or team to find every item on the list wins the game.
    To make the game more challenging, time players as they search for items. After the timer goes off, the player or team with the most items found wins the scavenger hunt.

Water Balloon Toss

  • A water balloon toss is a popular picnic game for kids and teens who don't mind getting a little wet. Fill latex balloons with water. Divide participants into teams of two. Let them stand a few feet apart facing each other. Give each team a water balloon to toss back and forth. After every toss, players must take a step back. The object of the game is for players to keep tossing the balloon and stepping back until only one team is left with an intact balloon.

Outdoor Racing Games

  • Potato sack racing is a classic and simple picnic game for teenagers and children. Create a start and finish line several feet apart. Give each player a potato sack. Players must stand inside a potato sack and jump to the finish line. The first player to arrive at the finish wins.
    Another popular picnic favorite is an egg and spoon race. Provide kids with a spoon and an egg. Kids must carefully balance the egg in the spoon while running from start to finish and back to start. The first player to successfully complete the race wins.

Other Games to Consider

  • Badminton and volleyball are also fun picnic games that everyone from young children to young adults will enjoy. Purchase volleyball and badminton sets from general merchandise stores and set them up a few hours before guests arrive.

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