Balloon Flower Twisting Instructions


Balloon creations make inexpensive party treats for any birthday gathering or special event. Balloon twisting is simple to learn, and many beginners start out making balloon flowers. Certain tips and tricks will ensure your flowers both look good and don't come untied after they're made.

Inflating and Twisting

  • Before you start twisting, make sure you have high-quality balloons to work with and a good air pump. Purchase a small, hand-powered pump to use at parties; do not inflate the balloons by mouth. Higher quality balloons will allow for better flexibility and a lower chance of bursting. When practicing with balloons, leave them underinflated for more flexibility. Hold the twisted end in one hand and continue to twist the rest of the balloon with your other hand.

Creating Stems

  • To create the stem for a simple flower, Mister Balloons of Mister says to start with an inflated long green balloon and tie a knot at the end. Twist a third of the stem to form a loop, which will serve as one leaf on the stem. Take one end of the two free sides of the balloon stem and slide it through the loop you just created. Fold this end over to create a loop, leaving a few inches of the end free to use as the top of the stem. Twist this loop around the twist of the first loop and rotate them both until you have a stem with two leaves, one on each side, and a few inches sticking straight up at the top. You will connect your flower to this end.

    Alternatively, you can inflate only a few inches of the balloon stem and twist it closed. Then, wrap the flower around this part, as you did with the first flower, and wrap the deflated section around the center twice to create a loop. This loop is worn around the wrist. This can be used for a bracelet or flower corsage.

Adding Flowers

  • To create large, simple flowers, fold a balloon in half and tie the ends together. Twist the balloon a third from the folded end to create the first petal. Pull the knotted end down and twist it around the first twist. This creates three flower petals. The center of the flower can then be twisted onto a stem and arranged so the flower petals are flat. Remember to leave part of the stem sticking up, about an inch, to create a more realistic flower.

    The flower bracelet or corsage flower is created by inflating a balloon and folding the end down 2 to 5 inches before twisting to create a small petal. Fold the balloon again and create a second petal. Continue to the desired number of petals, typically five, and twist the flower over the center of the stem. This works for a regular stem or a partially deflated stem with a loop for wearing around your wrist. Adjust the petals and twist them several times to prevent any from coming loose. Sharpie markers work if you need to write or draw on the balloons. This is a great way to draw in extra leaves on the flower stem.


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