Tricks to Do With Beer Bottles


Drinking beer leads to drunken antics, which sometimes leads to entertaining ingenuity. Numerous different inventions have aided the popularity of drinking beer: mugs, coozies to hold the beer while you drink, an array of cup holders and bottle openers. There are also a variety of tricks that have been created around the beer bottles people drink out of, something to show off at party or in front of a group of friends who, in their buzzed state, will be amazed at your skills with a beer bottle.

Stick a Beer Bottle to the Wall

  • An empty beer bottle can easily be stuck to the wall in the corner and can hang there for five to 10 seconds. However, this only works with certain kinds of walls like plaster or dry wall, as the surface of that wall with the paint on top of it adheres to the glass of the beer bottle, making it stick. Again, this trick often takes a little bit of "testing" and it is best advised in a room or bar that has a carpeted floor or in a place where you can cushion the area beneath the bottle, in case it falls. Simply press the bottle into the corner, feel it stick and step back--it should hang there if it's the right kind of wall.

Lighter Below the Bottle

  • By placing an empty beer bottle upside down on a flat disposable lighter laying on it's side, make a bet with others watching you that you can remove the lighter from beneath the bottle without touching the bottle or breaking it. The way you do the trick is by simply placing both index fingers on the top of long side of the lighter (the part facing away from you) and measuring about 15 cm (6 to 7 ins.) away from the lighter and then bringing them straight back towards you. Your fingers should hit the lighter squarely and sweep it out from beneath the bottle, dropping the upside down bottle cleanly onto the bar beneath it and not tipping it over. This works best if the bar is level and the lighter has nothing on it, such as a sticker, and may take a little bit of practice before you bring it out in public.

Paper Bottle Opener

  • By taking a beer bottle that needs a bottle opener to open it, you can snap that bottle cap off with a piece of paper. Simply take a piece of computer paper or something of equal thickness and grain and fold it in half evenly width-wise five different times, creasing the fold each time. After the fifth time, fold the piece of paper evenly length-wise and crease the fold and then take hold of the bottle securely by placing the webbing of your free hand over the edge of the bottle cap and the neck of the bottle. Take the folded piece of paper with your other hand and wedge one corner of it under the bottle cap and pry down with the longer side. It may take a few tries, but if the corner slips off the bottle cap, simply straighten it out and try again. After two or three times, the bottle cap pops off.

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