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One of the most important parts of any police show on television is the interrogation scene. This scene usually consists of a witness being questioned by an officer while other crime-fighters watch the interrogation through a two-way mirror. Should you wish to own one, buying a two-way mirror can be quite expensive. However, it is quite easy to make your own two-way mirror and save a lot of money.

Making the mirror

  • In order to make a two-way mirror, you need a pane of glass, a frame and mirrored film tint. You can purchase the mirrored tint from any automotive tint store. First, you must thoroughly clean the pane of glass. To do this, try a solution of 1/4 tsp. of baby shampoo to 1 qt. of water. Spray this solution on your glass pane and dry it with a lint-free cloth. Once the pane of glass is completely dry, you will be able to apply the tint.

    When purchasing your tint, be sure to get a piece big enough to cover your glass with an inch extra on each side. It is very hard to make perfectly invisible seams when applying tint, so it is vital that you have enough tint to cover the glass with one piece.

    The first thing to do to install the tinting is to wet the glass down. The moisture on the glass will help the mirrored tint stick. After you have taken the tint out of its packaging, look for the sticky side. Most tint will have a smooth side and a sticky side. Make sure you soak the sticky side with water and apply it to the wet side of the glass.

    Once the tint is applied to the glass, center it so it fits against one edge of the glass with about an inch hanging over the other three sides. Once you have fit the edge, anchor it to the glass by running hard plastic over it. This can be done with the edge of an old credit card. After you have anchored the tint, remove the excess water by running the plastic over the tint from top to bottom. This will also help get rid of any air bubbles under the tint. Using an X-acto knife, remove any excess tint from the edges of the glass. Wipe off any smudges, allow the firm to dry in place, and put the glass into the frame.

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