Ideas for Bathroom Cabinet Colors

If you are remodeling your bathroom and trying to decide on a cabinet color, you will need to look at the rest of the bathroom colors. You do not want to purchase a bathroom cabinet that is going to clash with the bathroom floor or walls. However, it would be a lot easier to change the color of the walls than to install a new floor. Some ideas for bathroom cabinet colors may help with your remodeling.

  1. White Cabinets

    • White is a natural color choice for bathroom cabinets provided everything else in the bathroom is not white. White never goes out of style, so you will not have to change the cabinets every five years. White cabinets look really nice with a dark marble, slate or ceramic tile floor. If you have a vinyl floor or small tiles, you might want to go with another color.

    Black Cabinets

    • At the other end of the spectrum are black cabinets. Before selecting black, make sure you have enough natural light coming into the bathroom, or the cabinets can make the room look overly dark. You do not want to have the room darker when you are trying to apply makeup or shave. Black cabinets look nice with a light-colored floor or walls, but do not make the mistake of using black cabinets with a white floor or walls. It will make the room look overly sanitary. Tan colors go well with black in a bathroom.

    Maple Cabinets

    • A light maple colored cabinet looks so much better in a bathroom than it does in a kitchen. A maple tone is a good choice for a cabinet color if you have a black or red marble, slate or laminate floor. Maple does not look as good with a laminate wood floor or with a ceramic tile floor. Maple cabinets also do not look attractive against '80's colored walls, such as peach, green or yellow.

    Stainless Steel Cabinets

    • A recent trend has been to install stainless steel cabinets in bathrooms. These cabinets look best in a larger bathroom. They go well with hardwood floors and slate floors but look out of place on a ceramic tile or vinyl floor. If you use the stainless steel cabinets, stay away from pastel-colored walls. Bright, bold colors in red and orange go well with the stainless steel cabinets.

    Cherry Wood Cabinets

    • A deep cherry wood color looks nice in a bathroom, but it has also been used so much in bathrooms over the past decade that it is hard to find any unique cabinets. The color goes well with a hardwood floor in a light wood or bamboo color. A ceramic tile floor can also do it justice. A marble floor clashes with cherry wood. The color looks great with walls painted in pastel colors of blue or green.

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