Guide to Dremel Accessories


A variety of accessories and attachments allows the versatile Dremel hand tool to cut, grind, sand, engrave and more. Already popular in the crafts world, a Dremel can also tackle numerous chores around the home, such as removing grout between tiles, sharpening chain saw and lawnmower blades, cutting rusted bolts and cleaning battery cables and terminals. Since the brittle blades easily shatter, scattering debris, always wear safety glasses or goggles to prevent permanent eye damage.


  • Dremel cutting accessories---including stone discs, an attachable circular saw, cutting bits and diamond wheels---work on metal, wood and plastics, making them handy for such things as building model airplanes, projects with small wood and home maintenance tasks like removing a section of gutter and cutting wire shelving.

    Keep cutting accessories straight and use a lower speed to decreased the risk of their shattering. Cutting discs break easily, so have plenty on hand to replace them as they wear down and break off.


  • Sanding accessories---among them flap wheels, sanding bands, sanding discs, finishing abrasive wheels, carbide shaping wheels and a detail sanding brush---clean rust off metal surfaces before repainting, sand burrs off metal tools, cleaning tools and craft projects.

    Start off lightly with sanding accessories. If you apply too much pressure too fast, you may quickly sand off more than you had wanted to remove.


  • Grinding accessories include abrasive points, abrasive wheels, chain saw sharpening stones, grinding stones and grinding wheels. They can sharpen lawnmower, chain saw and trimmer blades and grind rust off metal surfaces before repainting.

    Grinding accessories quickly overheat, so be careful to let one accessory cool before changing to another. If grinding on wood, use a lower speed to avoid charring.


  • Dremel accessories can take on such projects as cleaning and polishing metal surfaces like battery terminal cables, clearing rust from intricate designs in metal and removing burrs from metal surfaces.

    Start polishing cloths at a low speed and increase it as needed. To prevent swirls in intricate metal surfaces, use a liberal amount of polishing compound and move the tool steadily in one direction.


  • Accessories for engraving include high-speed cutters, engraving points, diamond wheel cutters and a variety of carbide cutters. A Dremel can engrave any surface, from fine intricate designs on glass to identification on metal tools.

    Engrave plastics at a lower speed, but move quickly to prevent melting the surface from a combination of friction and high speed. Diamond bits can do intricate engraving on glass and stone.

Accessory Kits

  • Dremel combines a variety of accessories for different projects in a single package. You can save money by buying one kit instead of purchasing each accessory separately.

Other Accessories

  • Among the numerous options for a Dremel are attachable lights, flex shafts, an angle attachment, work station, plunge router attachment and shaper/router table. New accessories and attachments are regularly developed to increase the functionality and purposes for this versatile home improvement and craft tool.

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