Big Bad Wolf Costume Ideas


If the Red Riding Hood in your life needs a Big Bad Wolf for your next costumed event, you can feel confident in this homemade costume. Some people may be wary to create the Big Bad Wolf for Halloween or other costumed parties, but the Big Bad Wolf can be a fun partner costume, warm and easier than one may think to create.

Wolf Pants

  • To give a wolfish appearance to a pair of pants, begin with a plain pair of sweatpants, preferably gray. Next, buy a yard or two of plush "fur" fabric at a local craft store. Carefully cut out two strips of fur fabric with a sharp pair of fabric shears. Apply a generous layer of fabric glue to the back of the fur fabric and attach to the front of the upper pant legs. When the fabric has dried, the pants will be worn with the bottom portion scrunched up to the knees, resembling a pair of knickers.

Wolf Face

  • To turn your face into that of a wolf, first begin with a wolf nose. Some party stores may sell a small wolflike nose that can be attached over your nose with elastic bands. If you are unable to find a nose, you can easily create the look by painting your own nose black. Next, use face paint to add whiskers to your cheeks and black eyeliner around your eyes. The eyeliner will make you look edgy, just like the Big Bad Wolf.

Big Bad Wolf Shirt

  • To create a Big Bad Wolf shirt, begin with a grey turtleneck sweater. Cut a strip of grey fur that is about 8 inches wide and long enough to cover from the neck to the bottom of the sweater. Attach the fur strip to the sweater with fabric glue. If you have extra fur fabric left, cut another strip and attach it to the back of the sweater. It is not necessary to cover the entire sweater with fur. It will probably get too warm and expensive.

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