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"Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside" was originally released on the PC and Mac in 1996. The game was later released on the Nintendo Wii in 2008 under the title "Pajama Sam: Don't Fear the Dark." Gamers assume the role of Pajama Sam, who must fight the darkness in order to obtain his lost gear. The game is a point-and-click adventure aimed at younger gamers.

Starting the Game

  • The easiest way to become acclimated with the game is to use the introduction to learn the controls and game play. You'll find yourself in Sam's room with the task of gathering his equipment. Much of the game consists of clicking on different objects in the environment to gain items or clues. Click around Sam's room, don't neglect any object. Sam can look under his bed, lift his rug, open drawers and move loose pieces of clothing around. Remember this when you have passed the introduction. On each game screen, check everywhere, you're not penalized for clicking around and many characters and objects have funny reactions to your clicks.

Gear Locations and Allies

  • As you enter the closet, Pajama Sam's gear will be taken away and scattered across the game land. There are three pieces of equipment, Sam's mask, flashlight and lunchbox. Each time you start a new adventure, the gear will be placed in one of two random locations. This means there are eight possible combinations of locations possible. Also note there is not one path to take through the game. Players are allowed to find the three pieces in any order they choose. The possible locations are as follows:

    The Flashlight: You can locate the missing flashlight in either the boathouse or the mines
    The Lunchbox: Sam's missing lunchbox will either be in the underwater cave or at the wishing well.
    Mask: You'll find the mask being worn by a carrot in a field across the lake or on the second floor of the Darkness's house.

    Reaching each location will require Sam to make use of friendly characters in the Land of Darkness. Each character will help Sam after Sam has helped them. Your first ally, Otto the boat, will transport you across bodies of water after you use a plank to show him wood won't sink. Use objects you come across to help the characters you meet. You'll be rewarded.

Mini Games

  • Throughout your quest to recover your superhero gear, Pajama Sam can participate in different games with the characters of the game world. While none of these games are integral to the main story, they are offered as entertaining diversions. Cheese and Crackers is played with the stone bridge guardian, and is modeled after tic-tac-toe, but with multiple board sizes. Nuggets is a game located in the mines and will allow you to collect items for points as a timer counts down. Scoring points increases the level, which introduces different traps to prevent Sam from collecting items. In the laboratory, Sam can create different potions for different effects such as turning him invisible or disguising him as as another character. Potions are created by mixing different colored solutions together according to the recipe book.

Doors of Knowledge

  • During Pajama Sam's quest to obtain his missing equipment and face off against Darkness, you will run across the Doors of Knowledge. These doors, located in Darkness' house, trigger a game show sequence hosted by characters named Wink and Blink. During this sequence, you will be asked questions chosen from categories such as "animals," "music" and "history." These questions are based on general knowledge, but there is also no penalty for getting them wrong, you'll simply be asked another question. The one category that requires a different sort of knowledge are questions about the Land of Darkness. This category has two questions, they are:

    What is the reading on the water meter located in the mines near Darkness' house?
    What color are the flowers in the garden on the other side of the river?

    Both of these questions have an answer that changes each time you play the game. To answer them, leave the Doors of Knowledge and travel to the location named in the question. The water meter is a short distance, but the garden is located behind the carrot patch, past the aloof trees.

Missing Socks

  • While exploring the Land of Darkness, you will come across socks that have been strewn about the land. Throughout each adventure, Sam can located up to 20 socks that form 10 pairs. These locations and socks will differ each play-through, as there are 25 possible pairs of socks to be found. While the majority of socks are in the Land of Darkness, there is a possibility that a purple sock is in Pajama Sam's room. Before venturing into your closet, search the front left area of the room. If you find it there, know that its mate is located in the same spot but in Darkness' room. For the rest of the socks, examine every area of the game, both with your eyes and mouse. Most of the socks will stand out, but some harder-to-find socks are located in trees or hanging on cliffs.

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