Comb Binder Instructions


Comb binders make book binding easy for presentations and how-to manuals. These binders store easily and are compact in nature. Young and old alike can manage this type of manual binder for school work and documents for the office. They can also be used for artistic presentations. Up to 125 pages can be bound with this machine.

Paper Alignment and Punching

  • Align eight to ten sheets of paper at a time and slide it into the punching channel. Push the paper all the way to the back of the channel until it won't move any further. Slide the paper to the left until it hits the hand-stop. Pull the handle downward until the paper is punched. Release the pressure on the handle allowing it to return to its usual place. The punched paper can now be removed from the channel. The important thing to remember is the correct placement of the paper. If the paper is punched on the wrong side, the book won't open correctly. Practice on a piece of old paper to make sure alignment is correct before beginning to punch the book.

Binder Size Selection

  • Make sure the binding comb is the right size. The least paper will use the smallest sized binder. A 1/4-inch binding comb will hold up to 25 sheets of paper, whereas 125 sheets would call for a 9/16-inch binding comb. There are five sizes of comb bindings to choose from when using a personal binding system.

Opening the Comb & Inserting the Paper

  • Slide the binding comb open side up onto the fingers of the binder. Slide the comb toward the left so it fits over the curved fingers and is secure. Bring the handle down slowly to open the comb. A locking mechanism is on the right side of the comb fingers at the base of the handle. Push the lock into place to hold the comb open. Slip the vertically held hole punched document onto the open comb starting from the back of the document and moving toward the front. The first page or cover should be the final sheet inserted onto the binding comb. Hold the pages in place and release the lock so the comb closes properly. Slide the bound document toward the right and lift it from the binder.

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